35797377825_8607d295fb_zAmy E. Elkins (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor of English  at Macalester College (here is my Curriculum Vitae:  Elkins_CV_Dec22).

I write about modern and contemporary literature, art theory and visual culture, and feminist/queer approaches to the archive. As an artist, theorist, and interdisciplinary scholar, I emphasize dynamic, global approaches to research and student-driven inquiry across media. I also currently serve as the Modern Language Association’s elected delegate for Women and Gender in the Profession. My first book, Crafting Feminism from Literary Modernism to the Multimedia Present, is out from Oxford University Press. My essays have appeared in PMLAContemporary LiteratureInterdisciplinary Literary StudiesModernism/Modernity Print+, and Post45, and I interview writers about literature and visual culture for the Los Angeles Review of Books .

This website includes posts with publication news and upcoming talks, in addition to more information about my research and teaching. Thanks for stopping by! 

aelkins@macalester.edu -or- amy.e.elkins@gmail.com