35797377825_8607d295fb_zI’m a writer and assistant professor of English at Macalester College.  I teach courses on modern and contemporary British and Irish literature, global novels, women’s literature, visual & material culture, and modernism.

My current book project, Crafting Modernity: Remaking Feminist Time from Literary Modernism to the Multimedia Present, reconceives the notions of craft and crafting for the study of twentieth-century and contemporary women’s writing, with a particular focus on British, Irish, and Caribbean literary and craft contexts. My project illuminates specifically feminist constructions of modernity and articulates the stakes of transmedia making for the contemporary practice of feminist literature and art. Approaching the work of women’s literature from hybrid points of artistic reference, my book assembles a broad, comparative archive of craftwork, from needlework and poetry to the novel and digital making.

Accordingly, my book-in-progress offers a framework for understanding craft as neither a patriarchal assertion of skill, nor a Victorian domestic pastime, but as a queer, transmedia practice that remakes the temporality of resistance. Women writers and their collaborators craft new visions of feminist modernity, contra their received models, by making innovative and syncretic use of craft processes, media, and artistic networks.

This research on craft has taken me on a range of adventures, from shadowing a traditional bobbin lacemaker on the Isle of Wight to being 3-D scanned and printed to sitting for a tintype portrait to combing through modernist needlework collections.  In both my teaching research, I deepen approaches to cultural criticism by moving between real and imaginary worlds, which I understand as a feminist research method looking to bring new archives, voices, and experiences to light.

This website offers some information about my current research and teaching with links to my Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by!

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