7936209372_4070256195_oOften when I’m planning a class, a line by Borges comes to mind: “A Book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.” Intensive study of literary texts forms the core of my pedagogical approach, and I challenge students to undertake close readings that are both rigorous and creative. By extension, I often use inquiry-guided approaches to show students the innumerable relationships that proliferate as a result of close literary analysis. I define and incorporate engaged learning in a range of contexts, using a variety of methods that enrich students’ experiences both within and outside the literature classroom.

As a product of my research, I’ve developed a hands-on approach to creativity and critical thinking in the literature classroom. In addition to more traditional close reading papers and research essays, students engage in making across media, such as: sun print photography, paintings, poetry illustration, book cover designs, collage, video essays, erasure poems, artists’ books, and more!  Students also build bridges between the intellectual worlds in books and the world in which we live through service-learning and community oriented projects, in addition to site visits to museums, archives, and writers’ homes–and even an Irish ceili dance with live music in Irish-Caribbean Connections.

I occasionally post photos of in-class projects on Instagram.

Courses I teach:
Macalester College
ENGL 240/WGSS 294: Modernist Women Writers, Spring ’19
ENGL386: Virginia Woolf and Cinema, Spring ’19
ENGL294: Beyond the Pale: Irish Caribbean Connections, Spring ’19, Fall ’18
ENGL137: On Beauty, Fall ’18 (First Year Course), Spring ’18, Fall ’17, Fall ’16
ENGL400: Virginia Woolf: Film, Theory, Media (Capstone), Fall ’17
ENGL341: Love in a Strange Land: British Multicultural Novels, Fall ’18, Fall ’17
ENGL240: 20th British Literature: The Politics of Place, Fall ’16, Spring ’17
ENGL294: Bloomsbury to Brexit: British Literature and Visual Culture, Spring ’17

On leave fall 2019/spring 2020

Emory University
ENGL211: Make it New: Modern Art & Literature (Literature & the Other Arts), Fall ’14
ENGL181: Literature, Space, and Gender (Writing About Literature), Spring ’13
ENGL101: Culture/Body/Vision: Rhetorics of Advertising (Expository Writing), Fall ’12
ENGL181: British and Irish Modernisms (Writing About Literature), Summer ’12