About Me: “arrange whatever pieces come your way” ~Woolf

I’m a writer and assistant professor of English at Macalester College. I teach courses on modern and contemporary British and Irish literature, visual & material culture, and modernism. My courses are frequently cross-listed with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Environmental Studies.

I’m currently finishing my first book, Crafting Modernity, which looks at how women authors have taken up art-making as a way to creatively—and materially—oppose inequality and violence. This research on craft has taken me on a range of adventures, from shadowing a traditional bobbin lacemaker on the Isle of Wight to being 3-D scanned and printed to sitting for a tintype portrait to combing through modernist needlework collections.

In addition to my scholarly publications, I make art, lecture on creative pedagogy (including artists’ books), and write a series of author interviews that explore the intersection of visual culture and women’s writing for Los Angeles Review of Books.

This website offers some information about my current research and teaching with links to my Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by!

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